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Know When it is Good to Choose Shared WordPress Hosting

If you are building a new WordPress website, you might be consfused about choosing the right hosting plan. Though there are different options right from the shared hosting plans to cloud hosting, choosing the one that would keep your website performing at its best without breaking your budget is something that will let you win the deal.

This write-up is about Shared WordPress Hosting, which will let know that when you should or should not go for shared hosting plan. So, keep on reading. 

What is Shared WordPress hosting?

In shared hosting, your site will share the server and its resources with other sites. And the quality of the server hardware (which includes RAM, CPU and Hard Disk) decides the quality of your hosting services.

Shared hosting is a good option for the small businesses, blogs and the beginners who are not expecting much traffic and have limited budget. However, they need to switch to other plans once their site starts performing well and outgrowing traffic, otherwise, the usage of resources by other sites can affect the performance of your website. 

Reasons to choose Shared Hosting

  • It is the least expensive hosting type that provides your site a home without costing you much. It allows you to keep the hosting costs low when you just start and your site does not generate any revenues. After all, you won’t want to close your website because of the exceeded hosting costs
  • It is easy to use for beginners and offers one click installation option for WordPress. 
  • The service providers help you to migrate to another plan when your website traffic grows.
  • Shared hosting comes with good customer support. Even their dashboards are newbie-friendly. So, you don’t need to worry. 

No doubt Shared Hosting is good for starting out, it by no means is best for the sites which generate heavy traffic. Such sites work great with managed hosting plans as managed hosting provides extra features and keeps bad neighbour effect at bay. Although managed WordPress hosting costs you more than shared hosting, its services and features are worth the extra cost. 

If you need more clarity on when you should choose shared hosting, below are the situations when it would be the right option for you. So, go for shared hosting if: 

  • You have limited budget

Most of the times, start-ups have a limited budget and can’t afford to spend much on hosting unless it starts generating the revenue. If cost is your legitimate concern, you must better go for shared hosting. However, ensure to buy hosting plan from a reputed hosting company in India

  • You are not expecting much traffic

Less or limited traffic means your site won’t require much resources. So, the chances of experiencing lags and slow speeds because of the other sites reduce accordingly. But you need to choose another plan when your website traffic increases. 

  • You can manage your websites 

Installing your website is just one part of the hosting process; there is a lot that you need to do for ensuring its seamless working. For instance, you need to install updates, restore backups, ensure regular maintenance and more. As shared hosting plans do not provide these extra features, you must be capable and willing to do these on your own if you want to buy shared hosting services. Otherwise, choosing managed WordPress hosting would be a better option. 

  • You want to integrate WordPress with other tools

Shared hosting works good enough with different kinds of web-based platforms. It allows you to install any tool you would like for enhancing the performance of your website. 

Thus, if you’re comfortable with managing your website on your own and don’t require much resources for your website from the server, shared WordPress hosting will work well for you.

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