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Cervical cancer and the case of Papilloma Virus

Do you know what is the most common type of cancers that affect women? The answer is almost known to everyone which is breast cancer. But do you know which type of cancer comes in second in this regard? Well, the answer would be cervix cancer. And you will be astonished to know that whereas most of the cancers are either fir genetical reasons or due to carcinogens but cervical cancer occurs mostly due to the Human Papilloma Virus also known as HPV. Though there are not many ways to treat cancers effectively and it still remains one if the core subject for research among scientists but there is however some precautions one can take to cut down the chances of getting cervical cancer. Like fir example with the HPV vaccine, you can actually avoided different strains of the Papilloma Virus which in turn may help you in the longer run with developing cancer.

How the Papilloma Virus is transmitted and how HPV may protect you?

But before you get into details of HPV vaccine ( วัคซีน HPV ,which is the term in Thai). You should know some of the facts about this vaccine and the virus itself. Like for example, there are many starins of this Papilloma virus and the HPV vaccine does not protect you from all the strains. There are two different types of HPV vaccine one helps you to fight off two strains and the other variant helps you to fight a total of four strains. Thus there is no guarantee that by taking HPV you can be sure of not getting cervical cancer. But this vaccines will help you fight off the most common vital starins. Other than this, you should also know that this virus is mostly transmitted via intercourse thus by avoiding unprotected intercourse one can avoid getting Papilloma.

Knowore about HPV from Honestdocs

Now that you know most of the facts about HPV and the Papilloma Virus itself, you now must turn to the best professionals who can administer you with the vaccine itself. In Thailand you could rely upon one of the most prominent health service provider, Honestdocs. They have been one of the premier advocates to make more and more people aware of the health issues and Thai to know more about HPV and the Papilloma Virus itself do visit their official website.

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