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Best IT Technologies used in HealthCare

IT technologies have had a great impact on the devices, vaccines, medicines, systems etc. designed to operate health care operations at reduced costs. The promising and best healthcare IT service in 2019 are Artificial intelligence, block chain, virtual reality and chatbots. Due to lacking technology solutions, health care executives were dissatisfied since long. Having said this, it was due to lack of technologies that health care professionals were not able to implement digital transformation in their organizations. Here is the list of few of technologies that all the health care executives should be aware of.

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

It’s exciting to know that Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly with exciting opportunities in the field of healthcare. It will reduce and prevent the risk of medical scenarios. AI solutions can project your organization as a true leader and innovator in healthcare marketing technologies.

Blockchain in healthcare

Blockchain is a digital record keeping technique that creates a ledger which is safe and no one can tamper with it. When you use blockchain, the information you provide will be with you instead of storing them on the servers on which application is running. It has the power to restructure the entire digital marketing system with the changing of data collections, fixing of digital display advertising and the ownership and security of digital assets.

  1. Chabot’s in healthcare

Chabot’s in healthcare are providing a variety of benefits starting from patient pathways, medication management, help in emergency stations and first-aids. Options are endless for chatbots from customer service to potential diagnosis of various diseases.

  1. Virtual reality in healthcare

Virtual reality is providing immersive experience for patients to take a tour of health facility or can help patients to cope up with pain. Healthcare industry is where patients are often anxious, so having example procedures would be beneficial for the patients and it can calm down them.

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