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Hanging Things In The Kitchen For Proper Storage

No matter the size of a kitchen, the shelves and floor space are always at a first-rate. A major way of clearing up space is to make use of the wall. Whether you make use of installed hardware, hooks, or some kind of method, hanging things on the wall rather than placing them on a counter or a shelf will free up space and make the kitchen look organized. It also makes the kitchen accessible. There are various things you can hang on the walls of the kitchen. Some of them include:

Kitchen knives

Keeping your knife in a drawer could be a bit dangerous, so to solve this problem, you can get a knife rack to hang the knives to avoid any minor accident.

Cooking Utensils

The cooking utensils take up lots of space in the drawer. You can make use of a rack to hang them or individual hooks.


The cooking pots with their long handles and large base take up space in the cabinet, so hanging them up would be preferable. Apart from the traditional racks for hanging pots, you can make use of hooks to hang them anywhere in the kitchen.

Fruits and Veggies

Fruit baskets were once used for placing fruits, and suddenly went out of fashion, but they are back now. Hanging your fruits in a hanging basket (ตะกร้า แขวน, which is the term in Thai) even improves the kitchen’s design. Free up some counter space by making use of a hanging basket.

Cooking apron

Instead of folding them up and keeping them in drawers which could be used for something else, you should consider hanging them somewhere. Colorful and good looking aprons could fun up your kitchen.


A kitchen should have a spice rack where all cooking spices could be kept. It usually hangs beneath the upper cabinets, not too high that you would need a plastic chair (เก้าอี้ พลาสติก, which is the term in Thai) to climb so you would reach it.

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