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The Means of Using the IT Roadmaps

Based on the lessons you learned from your internal and external diagnoses (but also from your industry and other factors), set the most appropriate business objectives to grow your business, protect yourself against the threat of a competitor, or take advantage of a new economic opportunity.

Describe your target market

  • Marketing actions are effective when they are judiciously targeted:
  • Aim too wide or miss the target, and failure is guaranteed.
  • Hence the importance of this step, which consists in determining one (or more) market segment, that is to say a particular category of customers, that you wish to reach.

Targeting in a marketing plan

To carry out a good segmentation one generally bases oneself on 3 types of criteria (although many others can be considered):

Socio-demographic criteria: age, sex, income level, education level.

Geographic criteria: place of residence, type of housing, climate, etc.

Psychographic criteria: opinions, lifestyles, attitudes.

The idea is to paint a portrait of the consumer who is likely to buy your range of products or services, and for whom your marketing actions will be intended.

Crucial to build a coherent and essential strategy for the continuation of your marketing plan.

The concept of buyer personas can also help you build highly personalized and relevant buyer profiles to target. The it roadmap template is there with the finer options now.

Choose your marketing channels

Another decisive step: the choice of marketing channels that you will use for your promotional actions.

Depending on your objectives, your target and the other information gathered through your analyzes, choose the most appropriate tools from the many options available:

  • Social media
  • emailing
  • Video
  • Natural reference
  • AdWords campaigns
  • Display advertising

In addition to digital tools, “traditional” channels should not be ignored either:

  • Advertising (radio, TV, press, etc.)
  • Brochures, letters and other paper communication media.
  • Viewing
  • Press relations
  • events

Also consider more original techniques such as street marketing or guerilla marketing.

Plan your marketing budget

  • At this point, your marketing strategy is already well put together at least, on paper.
  • To make this happen, it is essential to quantify the actions you have planned and to plan your marketing budget well.
  • Each distribution channel selected represents a separate item of expenditure and you must have an overview of the distribution of your budget over the coming period (generally over a year).
  • This is great, we have created a free marketing budget template that will allow you to plan your spending over an entire year by saving considerable time.

Marketing budget template

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Measure the performance of your marketing actions

Marketing actions only make sense if their impact can be measured using reliable and well-defined indicators.

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