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3 Ways To Screen Print Shirts

There are different methods of screening print shirts which many people do not know about. They are cheap and can become a declaration of intent. If you are thinking of creating a new business, making your designs from home because you are someone with great creativity and do not want to spend too much money on the process in this post we will show you different ways so you can make your custom shirts ready for to sell.

·         Airbrush And Spray

This method is similar to hand painting, in terms of handling and experience with materials and tools. You must first make sure that you know how to use these two tools correctly, an airbrush and/or a spray can. The advantages of this technique are that you can create a really impressive muay thai t shirt design – as long as you have the skill with the tool – and you will delight your customers because they will have a unique design with a spectacular technique.

·         Stamped With Tampons And Shapes. -Stamping-

Surely 90% of people have stamped something at least once in our lives using tampons, although surely we had never thought about doing it on a muay thai shirts. Anything can be used for this technique, if, just as you read it, for example, cut fruits or vegetables which you can moisten in special ink for fabric and mixing different shapes you can get striking, fun and original results for your shirts. It is a very easy and effective creation process that even children can do as entertainment or who knows if they can create a perfect exclusive design!

·         Transfer

To use the Transfer printing technique all you will need is transfer paper, a printer, scissors and a household iron.

This technique has a great advantage over all others, and thanks to its printing through a printer we can reproduce as many shirts as we want with the same design. We can print everything that comes to mind without design limits. It is very easy to produce t-shirts in this way and above all, fast and clean.

Have your design ready to hit the print button, but don’t forget to print your reflected image – in the mirror -, and now print as many copies as you want to make.

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