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Benefits Of A Decentralized Installation

Have you thought about direct connection with reduced wiring costs?

This is a real possibility! We are talking about a solution that presents the concept of integrated potential distribution.

In this article we will learn more about this and explore the advantages brought about by this process.

Concept Presentation

Reduce installation time, lower total costs, maximum flexibility.

These are common goals in the industry. From there, to solve these issues, the concept of integrated distribution allows groups of potentials to be built in the assembly line and multiple consumers to be connected directly.

Advantages In The Control Panel

It is possible that some engineers have already faced some type of problem due to the little space on the control panel in some project. Therefore, the use of terminals is debatable . They are best indicated if there is too much space on the panel, otherwise avoiding them is a good way out.

In addition, the installation time can also be longer.

With Mic Pro, these setbacks can be easily overcome. It allows a space gain of up to 80% in the control panel , causing a much more organized installation. With a plug-in design, it saves about 75% of installation time. And it also has a great advantage: during operation, this technology is also maintenance-free and resistant to vibration.

Decentralized Installation Generates Productivity

Fast and accurate diagnosis, ease of maintenance, robustness, etc. are elements that must be prioritized. Therefore, there must be questions about the way the elements are placed on the panel.

The electrical panel is basically the lifeblood of the applications, as it is there that most of the commands that make the application work are located and even the electrical protections that prevent a malfunction of the machines. If there is a large concentration of components in the panel, in other words, the well-known centralization, can not only affect productivity, but also bring more costs.

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