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Month: August 2019


Mobile-First Web Design or Responsive Web Design

Which one is better: mobile-first web design or responsive web design? The answer to this question is, as always, based on how well you know your target audience, how they access your website and what objectives you want from your…

How to detoxify your lymphatic system

Do you know what your lymphatic system is and what it does? If not, do not be disappointed, since most people have not even heard that there is such a thing. But that doesn’t mean the lymphatic system is insignificant….


Data science sector and the potential it holds

The economy is going through a crisis resulting in increased rates of unemployment and an increase in jobless youths  as well but there is a sector which is still providing jobs at a constant higher rate but rather than an…


Gaming is an art and a skill that should be got by any means

Gaming is a skill. Gaming is an art and is only appreciated when you have achieved a top rank. No one bothers to appreciate newbies. Thus, when you do not have a good rank, you tend to get disappointed. Therefore,…

What is the technology for and how it helps in children education?

The current educational-learning model through books and a blackboard with chalk has ended. Several years ago, technology came in strongly to improve education and now it is a vital part of it. Today’s children and teenagers are digital natives and…


3 Tips to Make a Good Logo Design

Brand logos are considered a fundamental point in the business world. Successful in that visual aspect of companies is one of the most important requirements to offer the public an attractive image and, to meet that need, you must take…