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Online Networking: 5 Steps to 24/7 Connections

As business owners, we all know the value of networking. You make contacts, meet potential clients, and generally expand your sphere of influence. The great thing about this day and age is that networking is no longer confined to physical space. With online networking, you can connect with people around the world easily and quickly.

What can you get from online networking?

A sense of community

Small business owners sometimes feel isolated. With an online group, you can visit any time.


Just like with face-to-face networking, online networking brings you a wealth of potential partners.


As you get to know your network, you can share referrals, thus expanding your potential client base.


People who see your profile online may hire you, especially if they’ve gotten a good sense for who you are and feel they can trust you.

Answers to questions

Have a question about something? Just ask your online network. You’ll get lots of answers and opinions.


Members of several of the networking sites we belong to share business tips regularly.

In our experience, introverts especially appreciate online networking as it frees them from social anxiety and gives them the time they prefer to think through what they say—or write—first. Extroverts, too, like it as it gives them a 24/7 source of contacts in a potentially lonely or boring one-person office.

There are several online networking sites available. Some offer forums or groups so members can participate in group discussions. Others provide links or connections between members so you can explore your connections’ contacts and thereby expand your own network.

To utilize—yes, utilize []—online networking, it’s important that you know the rules for being a good netizen. And you won’t be utilizing the online world if you’re working at sites or in communities that aren’t giving you what you need: A dynamic place where you can be a contributing member of a positive community. That’s the ideal, so how do you get there? We’re glad you asked!

Sarah Davis: Sarah, a data scientist, shares insights on big data, machine learning, AI, and their applications in various industries.