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Consumer Credit Report Applications and How They are Scored

A consumer’s application is taken and scored separately by their individual credit history. Credit report final scores are reflective of many differing factors in your financial history and current status. Generally, credit-scoring systems determine whether someone is creditworthy using analytical tools and statistics to produce results and insight into the future dealings with a particular consumer. Each scoring system is unique and usually based on the particular needs of the financial institution or creditor. Some credit scoring systems award fewer points for example to people who have attained a certain age, such as late thirties or forties, with the thought that the older generation often has a relatively higher amount of debt.

While the law still permits these creditors to award points to age groups, they are required to use properly designed scoring systems when doing so and people who have reached the age of 65 or older must receive the maximum number of points in this situation. Your age can help or hurt your credit score based on your current financial status compared to others of your age group.Most credit scoring systems consider a lot more factors than just the few named above. Sometimes your score can be based on as many as 15 or 25 different factors that relate to your credit past and present and financial status currently. All of the different factors that are taken into account simply predict your credit worthiness and help the lender to predict your future re-payment habits.Watch which questions you are asked on your credit application to try and determine which factors are used to determine your credit score.

Every credit application varies due to the nature of the scoring system and the type of information needed to make their statistical guesses. Each of the questions you see on the application has a purpose, consider your answers carefully. The creditor or lender is trying to determine what type of financial borrower you will be once they give their money to you.While there are rules and acts put into force and designed to help the consumer, scoring systems are known for using such unique factors such as the type or year of car you drive to be a factor in determining your credit score. As long as they do not illegally discriminate on race, sex, martial status, national origin, religion, or age, they are allowed to use whatever category of factor they wish to figure your score.

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