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Steps To Create A Viral Content

Define Your Audience

The customer is the most important element of a company. He is the one in charge. It is the only one that has the ability to convert a normal content into a viral one. To get a content viral, we must know the client perfectly to provide what they are looking for, and that meets their needs, as well as proposed solutions. If we manage to give you something, you like, need or consider useful, you will probably let it know to other users.

Mark Targets

We must be clear about the intention with which we deliver that content to users or before the Google Adwords optimize services (รับ ทำ google adwords which is the term in Thai). This will let us know what optimal result we should expect. It is necessary to specify the objectives that we want to achieve in each moment since depending on this; we may want to attract new customers, increase sales or loyalty to our followers so that the content may vary.

Type Of Content

Choosing the right content is a fundamental factor for success. People prefer to see visual content to have to read a text. In addition, the human being processes audiovisual content faster and remembers it better, so there has been a boom in this type of format in recent years.

Customer Sentiment

For viral content to work, we must attend to feelings, and that is that the use of emotions is one of the key factors for a publication to go viral. Users are looking for content that produces a positive rather than a negative feeling and, above all, that makes them share in the experience. If we are able to create excitement in the consumer, the chances of a successful marketing campaign increase, we must bear in mind that the emotions that empathize most with users are laughter, surprise, and entertainment. If we put those three feelings together, our viral content will fly high.

Participating Client

Making the user a participant and giving it value is undoubtedly one of the tricks to create the perfect viral content. But how can we make the client participate? It can be done in different ways, through contests, challenges, labeling them in the content, etc. By involving the client, we generate a closer bond with him, making him feel more special, which leads him to communicate to his acquaintances through their interactions.

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