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Make the Best Demands for the Best SEO Now

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and in short is about creating maximum visibility in Google, with the aim of generating free traffic to your website. You do this by having your webpages score high in the organic search results.

In the organic search results, Google shows the web pages that best fit a specific search term. The underlying search intent is also important here: what information does the user want to retrieve by typing in this keyword? For the finest seo packages  you can be specific now.

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The Right Keywords

By means of keyword research you can find out on which terms your potential customers often search. In this way it is possible to estimate how many visitors it will receive each month when a high position is achieved for a certain keyword.

In general, keywords with a high search volume are difficult to score high, since the competition also wants to be found well on this word.

Three pillars of SEO

How can you score high in Google for a certain search term? You do this by optimizing your website based on the three pillars of SEO: website technology, content and authority .

Good website technology means a fast, safe and user-friendly website, with content the quality of information on a page and authority is mainly about collecting links from other websites. You have complete control over the first two pillars, as they take place on your own website. The last pillar is the most difficult, since you are dependent on webmasters from other websites.

Secure your website with SSL

Google loves secure websites. In 2014 they already indicated on their blog that an encrypted connection will become a ranking signal. In other words, websites with an encrypted connection will be positioned higher than websites without.

You create an encrypted connection by adding an SSL certificate to your website. This certificate ensures that all data sent between a web server and a browser cannot be intercepted by third parties and remains secret.

HTTPS SSL website security

If you use WordPress, you can easily install it using the Really Simple SSL plugin . If you do not use this CMS, we advise you to ask your web builder for advice.

When installing an SSL certificate, make sure that you redirect your old pages to your new pages and that you indicate in Google Search Console and Google Analytics that your URLs have changed. Google sees http url’s as completely different pages than the https variants.

Fast loading time

Visitors love fast websites and therefore the loading speed of a webpage is an important ranking factor for Google. If it takes a long time to load a page, visitors will click the result away and try a new result from the SERP: an indication for Google that the user on this page does not find what he or she is looking for, which results in a lower position.

Google has developed its own free tool to test page speed, called PageSpeed ​​Insights. Enter a page URL and Google will give a score (based on loading speed) and suggestions for optimization to make your pages faster. Images are one of the most obvious problems with slow pages. Therefore make sure that you always save images (as possible) as jpg and that you keep the dimensions and quality as low as possible. You can also use lazy loading, so that an image is only downloaded when it is shown to the user.

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