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Essential Options for the Perfect CSGO Boosting

Change only shift to another button, otherwise you will get yourself silent movement, this is for those who use the shift for a slow walk, like me, for example. In case of csgo boosters  this is important.

System Setup (LAGS, FPS, PING)

Now back to the game settings that affect its quality. For example, if you have extra programs, then they can interfere with your play, slow down your actions, and distract you. To do this, you must either close these programs and disable their autorun, or delete them if you do not need them. Moreover, they also affect system performance and the number of FPS issued. You will not play much with freezes and brakes in the game. Brakes – it sounds somehow ambiguous. Let’s move on to the commonplace things to do: Update drivers for all devices that need it.

  • You can also download ready-made Driver Solution Pack, they will facilitate the process of manually searching for all drivers, and it will come in handy for future updates or installing a clean system. The second is the optimization of the Windows OS, this is what we wrote above – disabling unnecessary programs that consume the resources of your computer and do not allow you to play your favorite games quietly. 

We proceed to the action: to do this, go to the start menu \ execute \ msconfig (set in a special field) \ go to the startup tab and disable all non-system programs that you do not use there. If you use anti-virus, you can remove it, disable it, or add Steam to the list of exclusion programs. You can additionally install the program for cooling the computer SpeedFan. 

The Other Options

Another action that CSGO will speed up is updating Bios, sometimes it can significantly affect your entire system. Updating the BIOS is an extreme action, it will allow you to slightly increase You need to achieve maximum FPS, at least you need the game to give out 90 FPS, at best – 300 FPS. This is the answer to the question of how much FPS is needed to play CSGO. Further, what may bother us is the lags in the game, for an excellent game you need 2 GB of free RAM, which is not used by the system to process various programs. 

Last Words

We will tell in the near future in more detail how to raise fps in “counter”. Briefly you can download the ready-made “FPS config’s” from the Internet. The next commonplace fact that affects the game is your ping. To improve it, you need to discuss with the Internet service provider the best rate for the game. For example, we had problems with UTK (now it is Rostelecom), and so, ping was always over 300. we called, agreed and solved problems with communication, there were improvements, but temporary, in the end we switched to another operator, perhaps now they have better communication quality. 


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