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Do Cheap Web Hosts Really Exist Or is it Just an Internet Fallacy?

Cheap web hosts are increasingly in demand, as long as they’re not cheaply set up. That is to say, they should have value, and not just be some bare -bones operation. Needless to say, when we want something “cheap”, we want something inexpensive, not unworthy. Of course, there are many cheap web hosts out there that offer a tremendous value for your hard-earned dollar, and they all have wonderful package deals which conform to the different needs of individual web developers. For example, if you only need a single page website for establishing a web presence for your “real world” business, including domain name and e-mail account, you might be looking at $5 or less per month.

Now, let’s say that you need just a bit more from any of the cheap web hosts that offer good service out there… maybe you’re looking to publish a blog (“web log”) about your business, your hobbies, interests, or any special subject of your personal expertise to share with the rest of the world, develop a community of readers and contributors, and so on. You might even do this professionally and monetize your blog through the placement of contextual ads or affiliate links and reviews. For this, it would require the use of a bit more space and bandwidth, domains and perhaps sub-domains, and you might find a good package deal for 10-15 bucks per month for this purpose.

However, you might even be into doing this in a more large-scale manner if you are the type to earn an income completely online. Maybe you need to run a number of blogs, e-mail a newsletter to a large number of subscribers, or even offer some items for download off of your array of websites. Can any cheap web hosts provide service for this? If you use what’s called a “reseller account”, yes, cheap web hosts can do. While the general purpose of a reseller account is to join in on the opportunity of selling hosting to others, it isn’t solely for that use.

Many use such an account, which is offered by most cheap web hosts out there, in order to run a vast amount of websites and blogs and claim a huge chunk of internet real estate. These accounts generally run in the neighborhood of about 20-30 dollars a month and allow you to create and host a virtually unlimited amount of sites, domains, sub-domains, e-mail accounts, upload and download repositories and more. You could have so many websites published that they would in effect have the per-website cost of less than one cent per month – cheap web hosts don’t get very much cheaper than that!

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