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A Cover on IPTV Subscription Providers

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Currently, IPTV attracts customers and grows quickly for providing a variety of services such as service quality and experience, protection, interactivity, and reliability and provides the customer with a high quality of multimedia content through a wired setting box. It distributes TV-content via IP-based networks that allow more user experience.

In recent years, both the IPTV market and the investment made by the service providers have risen rapidly. The continuous growth of internet bandwidth speed, developments in mobile technology, and the development of cloud computing skills enable consumers to access the internet through a variety of computer networks. The rapid advancement of this technology provides customers with Internet connectivity at all times, anywhere in the world, to receive multimedia content and to use a variety of cloud-based services.

The rapid growth of this service’s subscribers encouragesIPTV subscription and the providers also encourage providing a variety of terminals that provide flexibility and protection for the transfer of freely between terminals via mobile devices. Users at home can switch devices via Wi-Fi or LAN to their set-top box, and receive services anywhere they want. However, it is important to provide secure authentication for users and protection against multimedia content when users switch to the STB at home via an access point or a base station outside the home.

The IPTV system for screen migration in cloud computing is therefore proposed based on secure authentication and lightweight content encryption.

  • It offers an easy way to transfer a range of consumer devices from homes to home STB, to receive IPTV services easily both at home and abroad.
  • It ensures the user STB is safely registered and authenticated without needing to be at home to view IPTV services.
  • It provides a simple encryption method when users are moving between mobile devices for encrypting content.
  • It offers an effective way to reduce authentication costs and inter-domain and intra-domain delays.

Using the user computer, a unique ID and password created during the registration process provide safe authentication. The sessions that have been created and messages exchanged between users and STTB are secured by the use of a single-time cryptographic nonce.

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