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6 Cost-Effective Ways to Market Your Film

Having money allows you access to resources that would otherwise not be possible. Having resources surely has its advantages and who would not want to have them in abundance? Most movies that performed well at the box office, like Titanic and Avatar, had massive production and marketing budgets.

However, spending big is not always the best solution. What if you could do more with less? Many movies were commercially successful despite having limited budgets. The real skill is to optimize the use of limited resources.

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Here are some ways you can create movie magic with limited resources.

Make Extensive Use of Spell Check

The importance of spell check can never be overstated. Having incorrect spelling or grammar is the best way to give a poor impression. You may have produced the best content but if there are spelling errors, they will take the shine out of your content.

So bring out your inner grammar Nazi and be sure to thoroughly spell check your content. You should also check any links you send out in your marketing material. Be sure that you are not sending out any dead links.

Use Short Hashtags and Titles

Short titles are easy to read. Your posts and articles will get better viewership if they have short titles. The same is the case with hashtags. Your Twitter hashtags should be no longer than 120 characters. A short hashtag will also allow your followers to easily retweet.

Make Short Videos

You can use applications like TikTok to create short videos. They have the advantage of being inexpensive to use. Since the videos are short in length, they are also fun and easy for viewers to see in their entirety. These can also be a great way to set viral trends that are related to your film, such as lip syncing a prominent dialogue from the film. 

Use Personal Contacts

People often say you are only as good as the number of people you know. Using personal contacts is a great way to generate publicity for your content, and that too at zero monetary cost. Use private messages, individual Facebook updates, and newsletters to keep the people you already know updated. It may take some time to engage your personal contacts. However, ignoring people you already know will alienate them and deprive you of perhaps the most vocal fans of your content.

Participate in Film Festivals

Screening your movie at Film festivals is an excellent way to create publicity. However, simply screening your film is not all. You will get to meet people from all over the film industry at these festivals. So it is a great opportunity to expand your professional network and leverage them to market your content.

Leverage the Internet

The internet has revolutionized the way selling is done. No matter what you sell, you will be spending a lot of time on the internet marketing your product or service. The same applies when it comes to marketing your movie.

The Blair Witch Project is perhaps the best example when it comes to filmmakers using the internet for marketing films. Released in 1999, it had a minuscule budget of less than half a million dollars. Yet it had a box office of nearly $250 million. Not only was it marketed exclusively through the internet, but was also the first movie ever to use the internet for marketing. The producers did not have the resources to market on traditional mass media like print and TV. This is perhaps the best example of doing more with less.

You can also market your movie through this medium, provided you have signed up with a provider like Spectrum. Contact Spectrum billing to learn more about their internet plans.

Summing Up

While big-budget movies will always maintain their aura in the cinematic sphere, it is possible to create movie magic with limited resources as well. If you are an aspiring filmmaker with a limited budget, use this article as motivation to go ahead and launch your movie.

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