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Some Benefits of a Dedicated Server

GigeNET | What Are The Advantages of Dedicated Servers?

Nowadays, small and large businesses have various types of options for hosting the website, web application, or mail server. The most common type of option has shared hosting, where the single server aids are shared through the different numbers of websites. However, the company is looking for more power and control may require a service provider that offers the dedicating hosting. With the help of dedicated hosting, the customer rents the server from the dedicated hosting provider and or having exclusive utilization of the server aids. The provider structure and maintain the server, abolishing a business upfront cost of purchasing. is one of the most reliable sources for such services. 

 Let’s discuss some benefits of a dedicated server: 

Server resources are not shared: 

When a person selecting the dedicated server person gets the full aids of a single server. A person does not need to worry about other websites clogging up the RAM and CPU.

Improve performance and security: 

Dedicated hosting provider to guarantee maximum uptime for the websites. To share the hosting services is most of the time is good or low the traffic limit. If the person’s websites receive more traffic, though, the best option is dedicated services that provide more stability or reliability than shared hosting. With the help of the dedicated server hosting person can also sure that the person is not sharing the space with other websites


A dedicated server authorization to a customer is the flexibility of customizing the server to the customer’s unique desire of CPU, RAM, and software. With the help of shared hosting, the clients are limited to the application, software, and environment that are already loaded on the server. This also offers organizations a customizable environment that fits the requirements. A person can select the platform or software that need, permit more control over how this dedicated server is configured.

The unique IP address: 

Every server having its unique IP address. With the help of shared hosting, this means a person can share an IP address with many sites. If the person friend spam the sites of adult sites, this means the person websites ranked to the pushed down.

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