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How to choose the best HP Laptop for yourself?

If you are searching for entry-level laptops, then here is a quick guide for you to choose the best one for yourself that fits into your budget and requirements. With lots of options available in the market, it is feasible to get overwhelmed. However, a few smart tips can help you choose the best one. There are various models of HP laptops including HP OMEN, HP notebook, workstations, convertible, etc. In this article, we are considering the entry-level laptops. If you are searching for a portable and affordable laptop that can meet your basic requirement, then the HP notebook (โน๊ตบุ๊คhp, which is the term in Thai) is the best option for you. They are travel-friendly because they are light and small.  Here is the list of few portable and budget-friendly laptops.

HP Chromebook

If you are in search of portable, light, small and affordable laptop, then HP Chromebook for you. HP Chromebook model has 11-inch Diagonal HD display that has a Celeron Processor to support the need to browse the web, create documents, and run social media fast. It also has Chrome OS that can be used for daily tasks without paying for the license. The streamlined OS supports fast access to Google and Android Apps. It also has 11 hours of battery life. Don’t worry about the screen size you can also get a screen size of 14 inch in the HP Chromebook Family.

HP Notebook

If you need a budget-friendly laptop that has more computing power, than choose 15-inch HP Notebook with dual-core 5th Generation Intel Core i3 Processor or other Intel processors. It has a rewarding High definition Display that will deliver you the best screen for movies, photos, and games. It has a fast charging feature that provides productivity for 8 hours. HP Notebook is a good choice for students you want to browse, stream, and play games.

HP Stream Laptop

HP Stream laptop is similar to HP Chromebook in size and capability. However, it has simplified Windows OS in S mode to help you browse the web securely. It also has Office 365 Personal handle your documents safely in the cloud. It is the best choice for you if you are the person who uses a lot of data and internet.

HP 14z Laptop

HP 14z laptop has a compact screen, but it has a full-sized keyboard, and also many color options to choose. You can even expand the capabilities of the device with an array of graphics cards, processing chips, and storage.

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