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Ways an AR app can change our lives

Augmented reality 3D is a new concept that has started to gain popularity in the new world. The concept of AR was first considered a novelty, but today as the world moves towards a more digital approach.

Augmented Reality just like Virtual Reality was considered as a means of entertainment in its early years but the rise in popularity and availability has led to the incorporation of both the concepts into various genres and areas of everyday life.

Why use AR?
What are its benefits?

To list a few :

  • Better learning: A 3D view of any image or figure using an AR app like Fectar can help display a lot more information in a much more efficient manner compared to a traditional text-based approach. An AR app can provide a 3D model displaying various angles and zones that could not be effectively shown using a 2-dimensional image.

  •  Better consumer experience: A unique experience can be provided with AR being a much more interactive experience. A better consumer experience means a happier consumer.

  • Better marketing: Again, using AR for marketing purposes will generate a lot more interest and draw a lot more attention with it being different from the general traditional approach that is normally used.

  • Brand image: To stand out from the competition there needs to be something unique and interesting involved. Using an augmented reality app in the ways mentioned above and other methods will generate a positive image and the brand will have a more digital and futuristic portrayal in the market.

     Using Augmented Reality 3D has countless benefits. With the world heading to a digital-first approach, the use of texts and images will soon be a thing of the past, and technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality will take over various fields. The versatility of these technologies makes them suitable for various fields and the rise in popularity can already be seen today. AR and VR started off as a means to casual entertainment but is today used in medical research, automobile industry and worldwide media just to name a few. An augmented reality app like Fectar for example provides key learning videos to improve the knowledge we have regarding these new concepts.

    Efficiency has always been the pursuit of man. We have always been looking for ways to get things done in a manner that is both quicker and more effective. Technologies like AR and VR being implemented with an AR app and other tools help physically provide much more information in a much easier and quicker way. The pursuit of efficiency will never stop, the technology of Augmented Reality 3D will keep growing and getting better, and having experience with the technology will help keep up with the ever-changing times. Fectar is one of the leading examples of implementing AR into our daily lives.

Sarah Davis: Sarah, a data scientist, shares insights on big data, machine learning, AI, and their applications in various industries.