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VLC for Android and TV

Multimedia has proven to be the best method of communication in the 21st century having different forms of existence such as animations, music, video, and many more. Forms of multimedia has proven to reach a bigger audience than any other form of communication.

School and university students have shown more interest towards learning content through forms of multimedia rather than long hours of monotonous studying from their textbooks. Cooking while watching support videos have proven to be of more success rather than just reading thorough a recipe.

Different social media platforms have too stated that videos have generated an organic reach of up to 135% which is a massive achievement of multimedia. With the improvement of multimedia forms, it is also important that different multimedia players came into play. As android is always dedicated to providing the best for all its users, VCL for android is made available for all its users as the open-source cross-platform multimedia player for absolutely free!

Feaures of VLC media Player

It supports almost all multimedia formats and as well as old school forms of discs, devices and also protocols of network streaming! If you were looking for a free platform that lets you play all of your favourite entertainments such as all your playlists, movies, TV shows or even educational programmes, VLC player is the best choice you could ever make. VLC player for Android TV offers more streaming options.

It allows you to create playlists and access all folders of videos and music and also supports subtitle files which makes your life super easy, and you can now watch all your favourite foreign content with no hassle whatsoever! It also includes tools such as volume control, brightness control and also seeking for all you curious people out there! With the VCL you may be travelling or at your workplace or even at school, but all you gave to do to access all your favourite multimedia content is just download the app and start streaming.

VCL Player for all android users can also be the glue that sticks you together with all your loved ones because you can now take a break from all your hectic work and busy life, hangout with your friends or family and start watching those exciting movies you always wanted to watch or even have a blast with your favourite playlists.

The specialty of VLC player is that unlike other multimedia player apps, it supports all old school formats such as DVDs, external devices as well. So, you might be in a mood to recall some fond memories stored in one of your old DVDs, time to pop it in and start watching! VLC player is definitely ging to be your favourite multimedia player once you start experiencing all its unique features.

Download VLC Media Player for TV

VLC media player has different interface for TV boxes. It is specially designed to work with TV remote. You can easily navigate, skip, play, pause and do all media functions with TV remote. This is a popular TV box media player available on all most all TV app stores like AppLinked, FileSynced, Aptoide TV, APKTimer, Play Store TV, UnLinked and Amazon App Store.

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