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Understand the use of UPS

A UPS is a device that allows the user to protect its computer data even after power loss. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) kick starts as soon as the power supply is cut off. It provides you the protection from power loss, power surges, etc. The user gets the opportunity to save the unsaved data and turn off the computer to avoid any kind of damage. Pluto 800 is a UPS device that can be used in case of power loss.

Voltage and frequency independent UPS and its features

Voltage and frequency independent UPS system is a device that is used as a backup for computers in case of power loss. It is also called dual conversion or double conversion as it rectifies the incoming AC into DC. The conversion of AC to DC helps keep the battery charged and also to drive the inverter. The inverter than re-creates the DC into AC power that helps in the running of IT equipment.

In case of power loss the battery drives the inverter that helps to run the IT equipment. As soon as the power supply is restored the rectifier delivers DC to an inverter, which then recharges the battery used. VFI is considered one of the most robust forms of uninterruptible power supply devices.

Voltage independent UPS and its features

The name true line-interactive UPS also knows it. Voltage independent UPS for office [เครื่องสำรองไฟ สำนักงาน, which is the term in Thai] uses a controlled output voltage however, the output frequency is the same as the input frequency. The utility power directly feeds the output and IT equipment. Whereas, the rectifier helps to keep the battery of the UPS charged.

In case of power failure the bypass disconnects itself immediately from the input and the battery drives the inverter. As soon as the power is restored the bypass re-connects the input and also recharges the battery that keeps the output voltage constant.

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