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Truest Process for the SEO Works Now

Meta tags are important because Google can use them as part of the pages. We’re writing “maybe” because Google may want to display a specific piece of text that appears on your page if it matches a user’s query. Adding a description metatag to each page is a good tactic that is useful if Google is unable to find good text to display as part of a short description. On our official blog for webmasters you will find useful posts about improving short descriptions using better Meta tags 18 and creating better short descriptions for users. You can also read our Help Center article on creating the correct titles and short descriptions. You can grab more info  now with the best details.

An example of a regular search result in blue for the query “baseball cards”

Best practices

Carefully summarize the content of the page

Write a description so that the user who will see the description meta tag as a short description in the search results, will learn more about the site and get interested in it. Although there is no fixed minimum or maximum length of the description metatag text, we recommend that you make sure that the description is long enough to be completely displayed in the search engine (remember that the size of the short description that users will see may vary depending on how you search and device used), and that it contains all the information that the user needs to determine if the site will be useful or important to him.

What to avoid:

  • Do not use a description metatag that is unrelated to the content on the page.
  • Do not use generic descriptions such as “This is a website” or “Baseball tab page”.
  • Do not enter keywords in the text.
  • Do not copy and paste into the meta tag description of the entire contents of the document.
  • Use unique descriptions for each page

What to avoid:

Do not use one description metatag for large page groups or all pages of the site.

Use headline tags to highlight important text

The text from the header tags is usually larger than plain text, which is a visual indication to users that the text is important and can help to understand what content they will be dealing with under this heading. There are many different head sizes that you can use to create a hierarchical content structure and help users navigate through the document.

Imagine that you write a draft

Imagine that you want to write an outline of a great job. The planning of the most important points and sub-points of the text on the page looks similar. Also, consider whether you want to use the header tags.

What to avoid:

  • Do not put text header in the tags, which does not help to determine the structure of the page.
  • Do not use header tags when other tags, such as <em> and <strong> , may be more appropriate.
  • Avoid inconsistent moving from one size of the header tag to another.
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