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Social Media Marketing Can Bring in a Whole Lot of Traffic

Social media marketing is a method of promoting a website through places like MySpace, Stumbled Upon, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo Answers, and Facebook. It’s a proven method of generating interest in a website and delivering traffic.

Social media marketing is low cost and can bring in a high volume of traffic in an instant. Not only that, but it’s also good for getting important backlinks, which of course will help increase a site’s ranking. Social media sites have very high page ranks, so they’re great places for getting backlinks.

If you want to try social media marketing, you need to know how to do it right. There are thousands of visitors to these sites at any given time, and a good number of them will probably be interested in what you have to offer.

When you promote your site, all it takes is a few people to become interested in it. Those few people will share your site with others, and those will share your site with even more people. Before it’s all said and done, you can get thousands of hits to your site in no time at all.

Do you have a personal MySpace or Facebook profile? Why not make a special profile about your website as well? Why not use social media marketing methods with these sites? Encourage your friends to add your business profile to their friends list as well. Keep them all updated about your site by posting bulletins. Hopefully, their friends will take notice of your business profile, and their friends’ friends, and so forth.

Try social media marketing at places like Digg, Twitter, Squidoo, Sumbled Upon, Fark, etc. Create a profile at these sites and submit articles, editorials, newsfeeds, blog posts, and more. Make sure you include a link back to your site. If your article or post can make the front page on any of these sites, you can pretty much expect thousands of hits in one day! It’s not called social media marketing for nothing.

YouTube is extremely popular for social media marketing. Create informative, interesting, and unique videos about your niche. If you don’t know how to make videos, have someone to help you. Add your website url in the video. It should also be the very first thing listed under the video description.

Yahoo Answers is a great site for social media marketing. Sadly it’s often times underestimated. While it’s unfortunate that you can’t get dofollow links from Yahoo Answers, you can still get good TARGETED traffic.

Thousands of people are on the site at any given time, and many will ask questions about any topic imaginable. You go through and answer questions about the same topic that your site is about. You can add your link in the resource box. The more popular the question is, the more people will click on your link to find out more about your answer.

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