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Print in Austin: An Effective but Often Overlooked Advertising Tool

Marketing and advertising have changed quite a bit over the last several decades. About a century ago, radio took the world by storm and gave businesses an entirely new way to reach customers. Just a few years later, television provided yet another avenue, giving companies the opportunity to combine words with visuals in their advertising efforts. Then, just over 27 years ago, the internet made its grand appearance. Suddenly, even small, locally owned businesses had the power to reach global audiences through the virtual realm.

Abandoning an Advertising Art Form

During the past hundred years, each new marketing and advertising outlet whittled away at the tried-and-true option of print Austin. This was especially true when the internet came into play. Many newspapers and magazines transitioned from physical to digital form, and their ads evolved right along with them. Rumors began to circulate that printed media, as well as television and radio ads, would follow suit. In many ways, those predictions came true, at least to an extent.

Taking a Lesson from the Past

Despite all the hype surrounding internet advertising and marketing, reports show that printed promotional materials remain just as effective as they were before the digital revolution. In some cases, they’re even more powerful today than in the past. While print media encompasses several aspects, banners are one of the most compelling advertising alternatives available to businesses.

Banners are inexpensive, highly visible, and cost effective. As long as you get them from the right sources, they also last a long time and hold up well against the elements. Banners can be used in numerous ways to help bring attention to a company as well, making them an incredibly versatile advertising tool.

Seasonal Sales

Consumers tend to watch for sales, discounts, and other ways of saving money. Christmastime is a prime example, but Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, spring, summer, and countless other occasions fall into this category as well. Even tax season is a milestone that could spark a special offer for customers.

People won’t learn about your seasonal sales online unless those consumers happen to use just the right keywords in a search. If you advertise with banners, though, they’ll see them every time they pass by your store. Banners are also reusable, so you won’t have to dip into your marketing budget to have new ones printed for recurring events.

Special Events

Hosting promotional events is a great way to drive interest in your company. Whether they bring in new paying customers or simply put you at the forefront of people’s minds for future needs, they’re sure to bolster your business. Banners, fliers, and other printed advertisements can go a long way toward spreading the word about those events so the public will take part when the time comes.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are among the most influential events your company can attend. Nearly all trade show visitors either have corporate purchasing power or are looking for new products or services. Banners can help add flair to your display, mark your company’s booth, advertise upcoming promotional events, and perform numerous other tasks. Making banners part of your exhibition will certainly be beneficial.

Bottom Line

While radio, television, and the internet are all effective marketing tools, they don’t paint a complete picture. Printed advertising still has plenty of strong suits. Considering the many types of banners at your disposal, the possibilities are virtually endless. From advertising special offers to marking your company’s participation in a local charity event, you’ll find a wide range of effective uses for this long-running advertising solution.

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