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People Search: At Your Fingertips

Ever felt the need to look up the web for a bunch of information regarding some individual every once in a while? Or even gather some authentic bio of your colleagues, acquaintances or even a random stranger to form a complete overall picture about that individual? Even though these seem a pretty normal issue for dominant social networking sites like Facebook, We-Chat, Tumblr, etc. they generally do not display random results or every result associated with a keyword. Rather these are programmed to display the nearest possible results which might be a long way off the desired ones.

How People Search is Beneficial?

  • The result generated by¬†does not discriminate on any basis of geographical location, similarities in workplace, place of residence, interests or even ambitions or aspirations unlike popular networking sites. Such social networking sites are dictated by an algorithm that does not allow people to venture out of the dictated path as set by the algorithms. Thus a complete access of information regarding the individual to be traced is not fulfilled to a large extent.
  • In light of the enormous hurdles by these websites such as hosting large amounts of data, periodic update of the data to provide as accurate results as possible as well as data mining with only a fraction of resources allocated in comparison to social media giants, these websites dealing with the broad aspects of searching for people in an ever growing digitally connected world requires no less than a standing ovation for the developers, programmers and people who painstakingly collect, update and verify authenticity of the data as well as manage security for such a huge treasure trove of information.
  • In a world where data is increasingly being seen as a new mode of power, being armed with authentic data might set any individual/corporation or entity light years ahead of their peer in terms of information gathered. However difficult these might seem, the results generated from any search query can be customized in ways almost unimaginable to pick out the herd of billions of connected people from any other social networking site.
  • Any people quite familiar with the functioning of social media site are pretty much aware of the advertisements frequently being displayed in the midst of the search results generated. Though these might seem irrelevant, it helps to bring in much needed revenue for these social media giants. Websites for people search however, are devoid of such advertisements and purely focus of bringing about a hassle free, complete information package to the user.

From the common statistics presented by various agencies throughout the globe, searching for people right now is perhaps the most dreaded piece of work considering the ever increasing number of people is being added to the digital world each year, increasing percentage of migrant population and the reduced data costs worldwide.

Country specific social security schemes, unique identification programs, etc. as well as social networks tend to become more fragmented since these programs seldom update the bio of individuals though a provision has been kept for further addition. People search websites on the other hand, combine all possible results and display it as a complete information package on the platter, thus boosting an operation manifold.

Sarah Davis: Sarah, a data scientist, shares insights on big data, machine learning, AI, and their applications in various industries.