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Donate money to churches right from your mobile device

Every other responsible citizen prefers to donate money for good cause to churches as well as to monasteries. Though this service is considered as very beneficial for the society as a whole but in most of the cases people had to make payment at the church by visiting personally. Unlike the past, nowadays most of the smart citizens have started to use genuine services of mobileAxept which provides an opportunity to make donations for churches through mobile text.

Is it easy to use this mobile application?

The sign up process on this service is very easy as you don’t have to deal with many paper works and can fill in an electrical form. When you make a payment through this service then there is nothing to worry about. This application provides thorough encryption to your bank’s card and it also follows PCI norms in an efficient manner. Thus, third party can’t access your credit information. Due to the PCI compliance it is seen that the donations are made in a transparent manner and the payment is made to an organization of your choice.

Ample amount of flexibility

When you start to donate through this application then you can effectively choose the total amount of money which you would like to donate every other month. Moreover, one can also set the monthly as well as occasional donation amount to churches. Thus, the process will become hassle free and you can easily regulate the amount of money you are donating.

The application works perfectly with several mobile platforms and you can even donate money for a good cause to churches even if you don’t have internet connection on your device. This process makes the application more appealing to users. After the donation, you will also get a receipt right on your mobile device which you can save to get rebate on tax amount.

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