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11 Easy Ways To Get More Roofing Leads

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Getting more roofing leads is the goal of any roofing business. Unfortunately, many make the mistake of spending too much for their marketing efforts only to gain little return on their investment. With these 11 methods, you can attract more prospective customers while maximizing your marketing dollars.

Local SEO. This is one of the greatest tools local businesses can have in their arsenal. When you localize your roofer SEO efforts, you’re raising awareness about your brand to the people that truly matter. Your SEO efforts will only be in vain if you don’t get discovered by your target leads.

Social media. Nine in 10 marketers say that increasing their social media presence has allowed them to connect with their audience better. Through social sites, you can be flexible about which content types you can produce (e.g. Video, poster, live stream, polls).

Direct mail. Despite the dominance of web-based roofer marketing efforts, you shouldn’t shy away from doing prints. When you send direct mail to particular recipients, you’re increasing your chances to generate leads that lead to sales.

Canvassing. What’s more old-school than direct mail yet still effective today? Door knocking or canvassing. Not only does this allow specific audience targeting, but it also makes your business more human. Initiating face-to-face meetings lets your prospects know that you’re a human, too, that understands their roofing issues.

Local partnerships. Keep in mind that roofing is just one part of a structure. Your target customers are also tapping other suppliers for their fences, landscaping, plumbing, windows, and more. So be wise by partnering up with suppliers and businesses that have the same audience as yours.

Local seminars. Similar to how your informative content can boost your authority online, speaking at local seminars can make you more credible to your local audience. If you ask a roofer marketing expert, stints on these gatherings are a great way to expand your network and reach more f your prospects.

Fairs and tradeshows. These events are an efficient way of generating leads. In one place, you will be able to introduce your roofing business to a number of people. It is also through here that you can meet potential businesses with whom you can forge strategic partnerships.

Word-of-mouth referrals. You can gain more of these referrals once you deliver exceptional services to your existing clients. It’s a marketing cornerstone that has helped several businesses thrive. And it’s not only beneficial for your business reputation. It can help you profit-wise. It can also boost your people’s morale knowing that their services are being recommended to more clients.

Outdoor advertising. While roofer SEO strategies boost your presence in the digital space, outdoor advertising can raise your awareness on-ground. You can generate leads by putting up billboards, professional-looking yard signs, and attention-grabbing yet on-brand vehicle promotional graphics.

Radio. Local businesses shouldn’t also discount traditional media like radio. With your radio ads, you can focus on specific pain points. And that means you’ll have a higher chance to convince the listener to avail of your services.

Free quotes and inspections. Offering something for free is a surefire way of getting more roofing leads. If you include phrases like “free estimate” or “free inspection” in your advertisements — whether they’re posted online or offline — you can entice your audience to check you out and book your roofing services.

At DMN8 Partners, we understand the importance of quality roofing leads. Our team can help bring your business to the next level using our roofer marketing expertise.

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